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Overview - Types of Treatments

Peak States® Therapy

PeakStates is a new name on the market forged by the Institute for the Study of Peak States.
Dr. Grant McFetridge, the founder, spent 25 years researching why some people have exceptional states of consciousness and others not; why some people are born that way and maintain their peak states and why others lose them over time.

Most people have peak experiences regularly, in fact modern life is geared towards either chasing or revelling in magnificent, but short-lived, highs; whether participating in sport, watching a nice movie or listening to music, telling a joke, spending time in nature or striving for excellence in business - deep down people want to feel good. However it has become accepted understanding that good experiences alternate with lesser ones.

When one of these good experiences becomes permanent we refer to it as a peak state. After analysing many states, Grant differentiated them by their unique criteria - how one experiences one’s body or one’s environment and how one perceives reality. This peak criteria determines how
a person lives their life either as a pleasant or unpleasant experience.

PeakStates Therapy is the first generation of processes to implement these findings.
It encompasses 4 sections: Whole-hearted HealingTM, Triune Brain Therapy and PeakState Processes and Structural Repair Processes.

Whole-Hearted HealingTM (WHH)

This technique is laid out in the ‘Basic Whole Hearted Healing Manual’. It is a regression technique that differentiates types of trauma - each one with it’s appropriate method of healing, based on the discovery of the ‘primary cell’ and its function in the human body.

WHH is used to heal trauma by eliminating its origin at the level of a faulty gene. When the gene is healed the trauma disappears completely from the client’s consciousness and does not return, because it no longer exists at the cellular level.

In PeakStates work trauma means physical injury, that is causing pain in the body and emotional and mental activations. Healing means the elimination of physical damage during prenatal development. It is accomplished by tapping into ‘bio-intelligence’ (Gaia), the intelligence that regulates all living matter.

WHH is also used to heal inherited trauma, again by eliminating damage at the level of the gene that is causing it. Approximately 80% of a person’s trauma is inherited and 99% of all trauma originates before birth. Other types of trauma are ‘soul loss’, negative thought forms, copies, holes, cords, etc. Analysing the clients symptoms determines the type of trauma the clients issue is composed of.

Triune Brain Therapy

This new therapy is based on the understanding that all aspects of the human being have a biological base. ‘Triune brains’ is the biology of our intelligence, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Healing the ‘triune brains’ balances how we function in the world and enables us to recover several peak states. It is done by regression to the origin of damage in the ‘triune brain’ biology.

Addiction Treatment

Peak States treatments for addiction use our treatment methods to heal the underlying cause of addiction problems. Firstly they remove the craving and secondly the need to have the addiction with it’s originating trauma.

Peak States® Processes

These process are unique to the Institute and took 25 years in the making. They are based on the understanding that all human beings have the potential to live in exceptional states of consciousness. The discoveries of the Institute show that a human being with no damage to their biology during prenatal development would naturally have all available peak states. Physical damage at certain key developmental events inhibit the experience of peak states . Healing these events is required for their recovery.

Each peak state has its unique set of developmental events that need to be healed. This is what occurs during a PeakState Process. The client is regressed to the relevant event and uses WHH and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) to heal the physical damage. The regressed state is meditative, accompanied by a Gaia phrase and especially composed music.

Structural Repair Processes

These processes are also unique to the Institute. They work in the same way as PeakStates Processes, except that the end result is a healed structure, not a peak state. With these processes we are repairing fundamental components of the human psyche which are causing a variety of mental health problems, such as multiple personality disorder, self-identity problems, shattered mind syndrome (a focussing problem) and traumatic brain injury.

The Pros and Cons of Peak States® Therapy

The distinguishing features of this therapy are:
Traumas are healed permanently. After some time the client does not remember that they had the problem...the APEX effect.
Traumas are categorised by their symptoms and treated with techniques suited to that type of trauma.
PeakStates processes and structural repair processes only have to be done once. When the prenatal trauma is healed it stays healed.
In certain situations the therapist is able to work with a client via Skype.
Therapists with advanced healing skills are able to treat clients who are unable to use the techniques on themselves and are able to work remotely.
Fees are refunded within a time limit if the healing contract is not fulfilled

There are a number of disadvantages to the therapy:
The foremost one is that it is a new therapy and there is no long term results available. Hence clients are required to sign disclaimers and carry the risks of the work themselves.
Working in the biology as opposed to working in the psychology has certain dangers attached to it, such as, that results are more immediate and can cause adjustment problems for a person.
By healing developmental events the client can occasionally receive more than they originally set out to obtain.
We may not be able to help a client because we are unfamiliar with a presenting problem.
Healing structural problems and having peak states does not eliminate all traumas.
Healing structural problems may uncover a new layer of problems with strong symptoms.

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